The Empirical Ayuuk is made with Pasilla Mixe chili as its sole botanical.
Try the warm, smoky layers of Ayuuk in some of our favorite classic recipes.

  • Ayuuk & Ginger Beer

    The earthy and smoky layers of Ayuuk get an invigorating lift with the refreshing bite of ginger and the bright acidity of lime juice. Almost as healthy as your morning ginger shot.

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  • Ayuuk Margarita

    Park your regular Marg and take your game to another level with our Ayuuk Margarita.

    A full celebration of the flavors and traditions of Mexico with a good drop of Ayuuk.

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  • Ayuuk Paloma

    Paloma season is all year long! 

    Bring a touch of smoke and fruitiness  to your refreshing and citrusy drink with Ayuuk. The Pasilla Mixe chili elevates the whole experience, bringing the aromas of Oaxaca to your glass.

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The Ayuuk Pasilla Mixe Flavor

Earthy, dark red fruit, smoky.


The smoky Pasilla Mixe chili is the sole botanical and the origin of all the complexity in Ayuuk. We work hand-in-hand with the Mixe farmers,  called  ‘Ayuukjä'äy’ in their language, to provide the highest quality and most fragrant chili. What started in 2019 as a 7 family project in two villages of the Sierra Norte mountains soon turned into a 73 family affair across 4 municipalities.

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