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Red Bag Old Fashioned Bundle

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Make it Empirical

The comforting smoky warmth of Ayuuk along with the unique flavors of Empirical x Doritos Nacho Cheese are perfectly blended with each other in this classic tipple. A highly indulgent sipper that won’t leave your mind.


The Red Bag Old Fashioned Bundle contains the following

1 x 750ml Bottle Empirical Ayuuk ($85.00)

1 x 750ml Bottle Empirical x Doritos ($65.00)

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About the Cocktail 

The Red Bag Old Fashioned is Empirical's twist on the timeless classic Old Fashioned.

Getting late night munchies and building up a thirst? Then the Red Bag Old Fashioned is for you! The comforting warmth of the classic tipple made with Ayuuk and the unique flavors of Nacho Cheese Doritos perfectly blend with each other. A highly indulgent sipper that won’t leave your mind.



Origin of the Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule was born in the 1940s in the United States, a product of collaboration between a vodka distributor and a ginger beer maker. Served in its iconic copper mug, this cocktail quickly became popular for its refreshing, spicy flavor and distinctive presentation. Over the years, the Moscow Mule has become a classic, celebrated for its simplicity and zesty profile, making it a perfect canvas for innovative reinterpretations like our Ayuuk Mule.



1 1/2oz Doritos® x Empirical 

1/2oz Empirical Ayuuk

1 bar spoon sugar syrup (2:1)

2 dash Angostura 

1 tiny pinch of salt OR 2 dashes saline solution (10%)


Pour all the ingredients in your lowball glass.

Add ice and stir for 5 to 8 seconds.

Garnish with an orange twist.


About Ayuuk

The smoky Pasilla Mixe chili is the sole botanical and the primary source of all the complexity in Ayuuk. Sourced directly from Mixe farmers in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, the chilis are then macerated in a spirit made from Danish heritage purple wheat and pilsner malt. After distillation the best fractions are rested in a sherry Oloroso cask, allowing the flavors to infuse and mature with each other, giving a smooth, distinct and savory finish. 43% ABV


dark red fruit,

43% ABV.


About Empirical x Doritos

It tastes like the real thing! Experience the indulgent flavors of your favorite snack in a liquid form. The spirit opens with umami and tangy aromas of nacho cheese, moving to the deeper, corn-forward flavors of the chip to finish on a soft salty note. 


Nacho cheese,
corn tostada, umami,
hint of acidity

42% ABV.

Only natural ingredients. 
Everything made from scratch.
No sugar added. Uncategorized.