Espresso Martini, I Suppose

Espresso Martini, I Suppose


We don’t think we’ve ever met someone who’s indulged in an espresso martini and didn’t enjoy it. We’ve sure seen it pop up more and more on menus in the past few years, and we are down for it. 

So here comes the Empirical remix of the classic. The soft marzipan flavors of The Plum, I Suppose shine through with the comforting orgeat and the pleasantly bitter flavors of coffee. So raise your glass and get your caffeine boost in!


1 ⅔ oz / 5cl The Plum, I Suppose

½  oz / 1.5cl orgeat syrup

1 oz / 3cl espresso or strong filter coffee

½  oz / 1.5cl coffee liqueur

3 coffee beans for garnish


Add all ingredients in your shaker over ice.

Hard shake and strain in your Martini or Nick & Nora glass.

Garnish with three coffee beans


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